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These beautiful pieces of art are created for you to enjoy indoors or outdoors, year-round



Whether at the major art shows across the country, sculpting for national concrete mold producers, or doing a unique one-of-a-kind piece for "big bucks"--you'll find people amazed and interested to see what Cliff Bliss has turned up that's "new". Cliff and Barbara Bliss have a following of loyal repeat customers who travel unbelievable distances to attend a show in which the Blisses are appearing. Many have been collecting pieces of "stone art" for ten or twelve years.

Since 1989, American Stone Art has been the recipient of seven "Best of Display" awards at the prestigious War Eagle Fair in Arkansas. Besides being honored with booth awards by numerous promotions throughout the U.S., they have garnished several fine art awards for sculpting, have been featured on state TV news shows, and year-by-year appear in both national and local newspaper and magazine articles.

These hand-modeled stone landscape sculptures and indoor statues incorporate flint, quartz, granite, some marble, black slag and other stone. The Bliss's stone art is quite different from concrete, ceramic, or plaster sculptures since it is not a poured process, but rather a purposeful placement of crushed stone set to achieve a desired look. Cliff's experience as a nationally known stonemason has given him contacts with quarries nationwide, enabling him to transport the stone himself, avoid shipping costs and keep the art affordable to clients. That's important to the Blisses because they will tell you, "Our customers become our "friends".

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