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Carole Behrer, Traditional Crafts



Carole has been interested in folk art for most of her life. She was introduced to the art of Theorem painting, Scherenschnitte and false-graining by her mother, Jane Davies, who lived and worked at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Carole has been creating Scherenschnitte for over 19 years, and Theorem painting for 17. She has lived with her husband John at Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit MO. for over 23 years, and they have three children.

THEOREM PAINTING- is the 18th c. art of stenciling on white velvet using oil paint. It was primarily a school girl art and the design used were mostly of fruit baskets and flowers. The name theorem comes from the way the design was analyzed and turned into a stencil.

SCHERENSCHNITTE- German paper cutting, was derived from the Swiss-Germans that lived in Pennsylvania. An intricate design is cut from a single sheet of paper with very small, sharp scissors. The art started out as a way to decorate the home with doily like designs and shelf paper, and of course the ever popular Valentine. The paper can be folded a number of times, limited only by thickness of paper. Watercolor paint can be used to embellish the design.

FALSE-GRAINING- was a way for mismatched wood to be "false grained" to make it look like a more expensive wood such as birds-eye maple, tigers-maple or mahogany. Or simply to make plain wood look colorful and fancy. All of Carole's art is framed in a false-grained frame, and three colors are available.

Carole can produce reproduction art- there are many patterns available from looking at the antiques in museums. But, the joy of making these traditional crafts comes from designing her own patterns to have the look of the old.

In June of 2000, Carole had a how-to book on Scherenschnitte published. Her work is available nationwide, and she does several St. Louis area shows a year. Carole has been a juried member of BOMH since 1995, and was selected as one of Early American Life's 200 Best Craftsmen. Please contact her for more information. Her prices range from $30 to over $400.

A catalogue of mostly theorems is available for $5.00

Carole Behrer
2315 Gray Summit Road
Pacific, MO 63069


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Photo of artwork by Carole Behrer
Photo of artwork by Carole Behrer
Photo of artwork by Carole Behrer
Photo of artwork by Carole Behrer


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