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My art--one of a kind jewelry design--finds new life for old artifacts. A long-time collector of costume jewelry and vintage clothing, I routinely uncover accessories that are too good to remain tucked away in a handkerchief box or forgotten in an old trunk. Treasures such as intricate steel cut shoe clips and deeply carved Bakelite dress buckles sustain the charm of bygone eras, even though the leather and material they once embellished may have long disappeared. The craftsmanship and elegance of these survivors deserve a second chance! The three R's-- recycle, revival, and reinvention-- drive my art as I resuscitate nearly dead objects into the present decade. Estranged beads, early plastic baubles, and discarded trinkets reappear in new lives where they may dangle from the ears, suspend from the neck, or cling to the lapel. Occasionally, vintage pieces casually mingle with contemporary ones. I list the composition of each design and christen brooches and necklaces with light-hearted names.
A love for old things--the stories they tell, and the lives they represent, permeate my work. A favored brooch titled "Mama Llama" features a Cracker Jack toy that recalls my own childhood in the 1950's. My art fills a passion for creativity while humor, imagination, and whimsy characterize my style.

The Con Artist
Connie Copley
Webster Groves, Missouri

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