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Glass ornaments by Sam Davisson



SAM began working glass about 17 years ago working glass cold, as in stained glass windows doing work for churches and businesses. Out of this work came the opportunity to learn torch or lamp working Pyrex rod. The master that taught Sam charged a $100/hour fee for six months of lessons. After working Pyrex for a couple of years Sam was introduced to soft glass torch by Frederick Burkhill, at a seminar in Chicago, IL.

The soft glass allowed Sam to make more colorful marbles and figurines. This led to some collaboration with glassblower John Miller as well as Bob Hamon. Picking up glassblowing techniques from these glassblowers and adding lampworking techniques led to the development of aquarium weights and other multi-layered paperweights.

Eight years of participating in the National Festival of Craftsmen at Silver Dollar City at Branson allowed Sam to work with glassblowers in the SDC blown glass shop. Today Sam participates in about 40 art shows throughout the central US and has won awards including Best of Missouri Hands" Juried Artist.

Recent Creations include lawn ornaments, oil lamps, marbles, paperweights, bowls and glass lampshades.

Sam Davisson


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Glass lamp shade by Sam Davisson
Glass paperweight by Sam Davisson
Glass bowl and lamp shade by Sam Davisson


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