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Applicants to the Juried Membership must already be paid members of BOMH, at least 18 years of age, and residents of the state of Missouri. Jury applications are reviewed twice a year, and must be accompanied by a completed application form, a check for juried membership ($12) and a nonrefundable jury fee of $15. If the applicant is not selected for Juried Membership, the $12 check will be returned.

Receiving Juried Membership acceptance indicates that an artist has developed his or her craft beyond mere competence of technique to a high standard of quality. Jurying is done from slides of your work (except as noted below) by a panel of craftsmen and professionals.

There are three categories for jurying into BOMH:

  • Contemporary/Fine Crafts: Objects made for modern settings and are of the artist's original design.
  • Traditional Crafts: Based on established designs and often have roots in a rural past.
  • Production Products: Includes items that are identical, produced in quantity, and purely functional. These products must be non-edible and contain no imported parts. Unlike the first two categories, this category must be juried from the actual items, rather than slides. Items larger than a bread box should be hand-delivered* to the jury site, while smaller production items should be mailed along with application).

The following categories are NOT eligible for juried membership:

  • Works executed from commercial patterns, molds, stencils, or kits (i.e. purchased or printed in a publication).
  • Items constructed solely by assemblage of purchased commercial items, and/or mere decoration of commercially produced objects.
  • Items made with illegal/endangered substances (song bird feathers, ivory, etc.)
  • crafts identified as Native American Crafts not in accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990.

To view and print a Jury Application Form in *PDF format, click here.

*Please Note: You must have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents (available through the link below, if needed).

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