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3 sisters gourds photo
Three Sisters


My passion for gourds began eight years ago when we moved into our country home. There on the door step were four gourds. I left them there as they changed from green to moldy and gross over several months time. Finally it was time to throw these eyesores away. To my surprise they were light, hard and rattled. Since I painted watercolor and oil previously I thought I would scrub these up and paint them. It was love at first paint stroke. I marvel at the process the gourd has to go through in order to become a beautiful or whimsical piece of art. From a plant to grow into a unique shape, then survive the curing process for six months or so, many of the gourds do not make it to the artistic stage. Each gourd that does prove itself itself worthy of being transformed, already has it's own personality and "knows" what it is to become. I have found that I lay awake thinking of gourd pieces I can cut, put together, glue, putty and paint. I just listen and follow. Over the years this funny plant has lead me on a path of creating fairies, animals, santas, and anything the heart and mind can imagine along with meeting other gourd heads. I started the Missouri chapter of the American Gourd Society, and became its first president. Now I have a website and invite you all to visit to find out more about my fun travels with this plant.

Just Gourds by Melynda
5401 O'Neal Road
Columbia, Missouri 65202

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Lion gourd photo
Lion Gourd
Bear and honey gourds photo
Honey Bear with Pot
Bunny gourd photo
Whimsical Rabbit


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