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Sand, soda ash, limestone & 2200 degrees -- the ingredients to make our beautiful works of art.



Kenneth Marine began blowing glass in 1986 and established Riverside Studio in 1998 with the help of Terry Bloodworth who has been blowing glass since 1977. Kenneth and Terry enjoy the glass making process, taking a few simple ingredients (sand, soda ash, limestone) and heating it to 2200°. They 'gather' the glass on the end of a blow pipe to blow and form the glass into various works of art. The glass is then cooled over 14 hours in an annealing oven. Kenneth and Terry are both juried members of "Best of Missouri Hands.

Kenneth Marine & Terry Bloodworth
Riverside Studio
757 Fairlawn
Hollister, MO 65672

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Photo of glass bowl
Photo of glass fish


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